Racket stringing, grips and maintenance 

Wells Tennis Club offers a racket maintenance service such as re-stringing and re-gripping.  Our Head Coach Kevin recently trained with one of Wimbledons head stringers who also strung for the Davis cup team in racket re-stringing and maintenance and has joined the United Kingdoms Racket Stringers Association (UKRSA).

Currently in stock we have a range of strings and grips to suit all games but if you want a certain string ordered in we can do this for you. 

Price range for strings & grips.

A complete restring will cost £20 (stocked strings) but if the player provides their own string set the cost reduces to £15.  If a player requires a specific string type the cost will be £15 + the cost of the string (ordered in).

Grips (including regripping) costs £5 for a full grip and £3 for an over grip.

FAQ How do I know if my racket needs restringing?

  • Apart from the obvious (they’ve broken).
  • Look at your strings and see if they are starting to fray.
  • A loss in string tension (dead hits, harder work to get power, change in sound on contact)
  • Injuries such as tennis elbow can be addressed with the correct string at the right tension.

For more information contact Kevin on kpdurney@msn.com