Tennis competition
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Entering your first tennis competition

Once you have filled in the information and received the email or letter confirming your day and time to start you are half way there to entering your first tennis competition.

Information you need

  • Your start time.
  • The address of the venue and postcode if you are using sat nav or a map.
  • The name of the organiser or referee and a direct contact number.
  • An idea of how long the event will run for.

When should I turn up?

Most or all events as well as sending you a start time will suggest an arrival time or sign in time. You should try and be there before this. This will give you time to introduce yourself to the referee, have a warm up or just relax (rushing to events never helps you play well).

I’m stuck in traffic! I’m running late, I’m lost

It’s ok, you have the referee’s number, contact them as soon as you think you aren’t going to make it in time and keep them up to date. This is the only thing you can do but remember that there are a lot of players in the event so you may miss out a match if you can not arrive on time for whatever reason.

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