Individual tennis lessons
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Improve your game with group/individual tennis lessons

Contact your local tennis club to find out what they have to offer. Most clubs who have a coaching set-up will be able to offer group and individual tennis lessons but which one is best?

Group lessons

Many clubs offer pay and play sessions where you only pay for the sessions you attend. This is a great introduction for many players to start their tennis experience. Many clubs also offer the chance to join one of their termly squads (these sessions offer the chance to progress as a group in which the same players attend regularly).

Individual tennis lessons

These offer the chance to progress at a faster rate and can be tailored to individual players needs. Getting 100% of the coaches’ attention will help in identifying areas to improve and develop. Both group and individual lessons will help the player improve and give them the skills they need to have fun with friends, play with family or enter competitions.

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