Tennis at Home

On this page you will find little challenges to keep your tennis skills up at home.  

Improve your coordination

Improve your Coordination with these Throwing and Catching Exercises.

DOWNLOAD ME: Throwing and Catching at Home Exercise Sheet

Take your coordination skills to the next level with our learning to juggle video.


Racket and Ball Skills 

In this video we use a racket a ball and a wall.  To do this first make sure you ask parents / guardians permission and make sure there is enough space with no breakable / expensive items around.  This could be an outside wall.  When safe to do so, have a go!

DOWNLOAD ME: Racket and Ball Skills at Home Exercise Sheet

Practice against a wall

If you have an outdoor wall and it’s safe and you have parents permission you can also have a go at the wall drill series.

Practicing against the wall is a great way to improve many elements of your game without the need to have a partner.  There is 50 in total which I have broken down into sets of 10 with little challenges, I hope you enjoy them and with practice they will transform your game!  Kevin

Part 1/5 of a series of drills to practice against a hitting wall. Part one consists of a variation of topspin ground stroke combinations and is developed as a base level to build on.

Part 2 of the Wall series looks at the same drill combinations and challenges as Part 1 but using slice forehands and backhands.

Part 3 of the Wall series looks at changing grips and spins combining Topspin shots (T-spin) and Slice. If you are a newer player becoming comfortable with building consistency with Slice and Topspin on there own is advised (Parts 1 & 2).

Part 4 of the wall series moves away from ground stroke combinations to volley combinations. When practicing these it is advised to use and get comfortable with the chopper grip.

In part 5 of the wall drills we work on harder variations of part fours volley drills. Taking some drills from 31-40 we look at different heights and distances to develop better hands on the volley.