Marie Tom Jack Julia (Captain) Wendy Neil Dave (Captain) and Caroline posing for a group picture on blue tennis courts

Wells A battle Wells B

Wells A had an added dynamic to their home match on Sunday, as they took on Wells B!

Ladies pair Marie Bruckshaw and Julia Nest could not find their rhythm against Caroline Moule and Wendy Edwards and after a close first set the Wells B pair took control and won the rubber in two sets.

Men’s pair Jack Williams and Tom Wilson had similar struggles against Dave Mills and Neil Coleman and with strong tactics, once again Wells B took the rubber in two sets.

Under the pressures Wells B were exerting, the A Team didn’t crumble. First mixed pair Bruckshaw and Williams found their range against Mills and Moule and forged out the first signs of a fight back by winning their rubber in two sets.  Second pair Nest and Wilson had an extremely tight battle against Edwards and Coleman, it was nip and tuck the whole way.  The two teams could only be separated in two set tie breaks, and Nest and Wilson just edged the rubber for the A Team.

With the two teams equal on rubber wins, it was nail biting as the sets and games were added up.  After some double checking, the result was in and it was a tie!  The Wells Teams could not be separated and both Wells A and Wells B took 5 points from this epic encounter, honours even.

Both Captains, Moule and Nest agreed the result could not be made up and we’re happy with the great showing by all the Wells players.

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