Wells A vs Cheddar B (30 Oct)

Wells A had a second take with their NSTL match against Cheddar B, after the first one was halted due to bad weather.
The first take saw men’s pair Mark Preston and Tom Wilson power through and win their rubber in two sets but as a contrast, the ladies pair Wendy Edwards and Corali Sacerdote had an epic 3hr rubber, which they finally conquered before rain stopped play.
Wells returned to Cheddar for the mixed matches and second pair Corali Sacerdote and Tom Wilson put their foot on the accelerator to take their rubber in two sets.  First pair Wendy Edwards and Matt Goatcher had more of a battle, losing the first set but fighting back to take the second and only just missed out on the final set and the rubber.
Wells won overall 9-3, adding nicely to their total at the beginning of the season.

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