Dave Mills and Julia Nest are Wells Tennis Clubs new captains
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Wells welcomes new captains

Two new captains are getting ready to launch teams into the summer season at Wells Tennis Club.
Dave Mills and Julia Nest started their love of the game very differently with Dave playing in parks and clubs from childhood and Julia taking up the sport seriously just three years ago.
Dave was taught tennis when visiting grandfather near Ilminster and kept the love of the sport through school and college.  After joining Wells in 2009 he can be seen on court at least three times a week and was named ‘players player’ in 2016 for his commitment and enthusiasm.   
“I’ve had a massive confidence boost by winning the Player’s Player award, via the enthusiasm our coach Kevin Durney, to the older players offering sage advice”, he commented.  “I’m now looking to support our A team back to a top position in division 2 of the North Somerset League and our newly promoted B team and the C and D team who will be battling each other in the same division.”
Julia started tennis later in life and joined up with Wells three years ago.  She took up tennis as she’d enjoyed it as a child and following years struggling with nerve damage to her right leg due to an accident with a tractor found that her physical capabilities were boosted by the use of an artificial leg.  Since having some lessons and joining the club she is on court up to six times a week.
“Tennis is a big part of my life now,” said Julia.  “Having thought I would never run again, let along play physically competitive sport, I am proud to have got to where I am and who knows where it will lead me!”
“I love every aspect of tennis and now I know the basics, a whole world of tactics and creativity have opened up!  I never stop learning and always strive to improve.  Meeting all the other club members has been great and I’ve made many friends.”
Julia will be getting behind the A team who are meeting the challenge of promotion to division one; the B and C teams in the same divisions as last year and encouraging a new fourth team to enjoy their first experiences of competitive team tennis.
When not on court Shepton-based Dave occasionally takes part in league-level snooker at the Pilton Working Men’s Club and Julia, who lives in Easton, rides her horse, Gromit and has competed national standard in para dressage events.

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