Members Please Book Your Court Before Play!


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When you go into Book A Court via our Website, you will see on the bar at the top right that it says “Sign In” or “Register”.
Click on Register and then select the LTA option and then sign in as you usually do.  You should then be registered with Clubspark.

Help / Steps to Book a Court / See Video Below

  1.  Click the Book a Court >>’ Link at the top of this page.
  2.  On the Timetable layout you’ll see the court number across the top and the times along the side.  Above the court and to the right you can toggle through the days or use the calendar to choose a date.  Once on the right day, pick your slot by clicking in the slot you want.
  3. Check the booking and click book now to confirm.
  4. At this stage it may ask you to sign in to clubspark (most of you with BTMs will already have done this).  It’s a simple process to manage your booking and an email confirmation will be sent after booking.
  5. Please note we have limited booking slots to one hour.
  6. If you wish to cancel your court go into your clubspark again and go to ‘your bookings’ where you can cancel.

Below is a 3 minute video demo of how to book a court.

You may find it easier to download the clubspark booker app.  If you have any problems contact Kevin on