Wells Tennis Club Handbook

Wells Tennis Club is run entirely by volunteers with over 350 members and an active programme of tennis and events.  The club was formed in 1897, so this year celebrates 125 years of tennis in the city of Wells. We will be celebrating this throughout 2022 and we hope you will join us in these activities.  We are currently planning some improvements to the club and have just replaced the hard courts with new artificial clay.


First aid

A small first aid kit is available in the grey lighting control box behind court 4 and in the clubhouse. Accidents should be recorded in the accident report book in the clubhouse on the worktop. The nearest hospital is West Mendip Hospital in Glastonbury (not 24 hours) or alternatively Yeovil or Bath.


In the event of an emergency the defibrillator can be found on the outside wall of the football clubhouse near the car park with the code 2017 to access it.


  • Car parking is available at the Rowdens Road sports club, at your own risk.

Get In Touch

Club Secretary:

Helen Thompson

Email Helen

Membership Secretary:

Arabella Browne

Email Claire

Coaching & Restringing:

Kevin Durney

Email Kevin


Website: www.wellstc.co.uk


Facebook: Wells Tennis Club


Instagram: wellstennisclub


Playing times & court bookings

We have 5 floodlit artificial clay courts, and a separate mini court with a hitting wall. The courts are open from 7am until 10pm.  Other than social sessions, we ask members to book courts when they wish to play via the court booking system on www.wellstc.co.uk/book-a-court or a mobile app can also be downloaded from clubspark.com/news/booker-app.  Please refer to the website for up-to-date timings.

Social & club sessions

There are several club and social tennis sessions each week where you get the opportunity to play doubles and meet other members. The aim is to play in balanced fours for a set and then mix in with other members.  We ask that members achieve a minimum standard before joining in social tennis by attending individual or group coaching sessions.

The Club has the following sessions
Monday Men’s night club session (league April – July) 6:30pm 10pm
Tuesday Ladies night club session (league April – July) 6:30pm 10pm
Thursday Mixed social session 6:30pm 9pm
Sunday Mixed social session 10am 12pm


If you are playing doubles and people are waiting for a court, you should complete your set (with a tie break if required) and then allow others to play. In inclement weather, a short set would be polite.  The Monday night club session is often followed by a social beer, so please feel free to bring, share and join us.

Leagues & competitions

Wells Tennis Club are represented in North Somerset Tennis League competitions, www.nstl.co.uk , including men’s (Monday evenings) and ladies’ (Tuesday evenings) teams in the summer league, and mixed teams in the winter league (Sunday mornings). If you’re interested in playing some league tennis, please speak with one of the team captains.  We are holding more club competitions and tournaments in the coming year, so please check the website and look out for invitation mails. Our annual club competition will take place later in the summer.


You can use your own balls or new balls are provided at least weekly and are kept in the cabinet on the wall in the clubhouse. Please take only one set of 4 balls on court and return after use.


Floodlighting is free to members. The on/off buttons are situated at the back of court 4 on the side of the grey control box. The lights control courts 1 & 2, and 3, 4 & 5 and are on a timer switch and will automatically turn off (or at 10pm at the end of the playing day).  If you have finished playing and there is nobody waiting to play, please switch the lights off (red button). Note that when the floodlights are switched off there is a ten-minute period before they can be switched on again, so please do check no one wants to play.  Please also contact the club if there is a problem with any of the lights.

Facilities and Security

Access to the courts is via a gate with a coded padlock. The clubhouse is also accessed via a code on the door.  There are no permanent staff managing the clubhouse so if you are the last to leave during the day or in the evening, you must ensure that, the floodlights are off, all windows are closed, and the clubhouse door is securely closed and you lock the gate.

Sweeping Courts after play (NEW)

Please drag brush and sweep lines after every set, match or coaching session Remove litter, leaves etc. from playing surface.  See diagram – >court sweeping picture

 Dress code

Please wear appropriate tennis shoes, not only to protect the courts but to prevent slips and falls. Trainers with heavily ribbed soles and running shoes are not permitted.  Please wear recognised tennis clothing. Unacceptable items on court include t-shirts with prominent non-tennis slogans, football shirts, beachwear and jeans.


Members are eligible to bring visitors who should be signed into the visitors’ book before play. The book is located beneath the counter in the clubhouse. The guest fee is £5 for adults, which can be placed in the cash tin in the clubhouse.

Social Events

We plan a number of social events during the year other than playing tennis. These events will be shared with you via email, the website, social media and on the notice boards.

Coaching and Racket Maintenance

Our coach Kevin Durney organises an extensive programme for adults and juniors (individual and group sessions). New members are advised to attend the new members coaching sessions, where you will be able to get advice on how to get the most enjoyment from playing tennis, and which sessions you can get involved with.   You can also get racket advice, and racket maintenance such as restringing and gripping.  Please check the website www.wellstc.co.uk email Kevin at kevindurney@hotmail.com.


Safeguarding, diversity and inclusion, club policies

At our club, we strive to provide a safe, enjoyable and inclusive environment for all of our members.  We are committed to working in accordance with statutory responsibilities, government guidance and comply with the best practice and requirements set by the Lawn Tennis Association (LTA).  We aim to ensure that all children and adults at risk have a positive and enjoyable tennis experience.

Our policies outline our commitment to safeguarding and protecting all children, young people and adults at risk whilst at our club. The policies can be found at www.wellstc.co.uk/safeguarding-at-wells-tennis-club/ and are also displayed in the club house.

Court etiquette

Please be considerate towards other players.

Do not disturb play by walking behind or onto a court when play is in progress. Wait until players are between games of change of ends please.

Don’t return services that are clearly out.

Fair play

This is a vital part of tennis at Wells Tennis Club. We support the LTA values to ensure our tennis is played in a fair, open and inclusive manner at all levels, enjoy yourself. Be a good sport when you win, lose and watch matches.

  • Be a role model and set a good example of the behaviour you expect from others.
  • Respect other players, parents and any officials.
  • Take responsibility for your actions.
  • Learn and follow the rules
  • Call the score and lines clearly. Remember that for line calls, 99% out is 100% in!

These values apply equally to players, parents, coaches, officials and volunteers, and cover all tennis activities, whether league matches, club or other competitions or a friendly hit at a court.

During club and social sessions, when you have finished play, please collect the balls and leave them on the light box for the next players to use. At other times please return to the clubhouse in complete tubes. If you do hit a ball beyond the fencing, please make every reasonable effort to retrieve it.  There are additional tennis balls beneath the counter in the clubhouse for service practice or using the practice wall.


British tennis

British Tennis is the Lawn Tennis Association (LTA) membership system. As a Wells Tennis Club member, you are encouraged to be a member of the LTA. You can do this for free and it entitles you to enter the ballot for Wimbledon tickets. You can register online through Compare (lta.org.uk) and choosing option Advantage Play+.

Lost property

Any lost property is kept in the club house. Clothing that remains unclaimed will be given to charity after ten weeks, so please check if you forget something before it disappears.


The committee meets every four times a year and the election of new members takes place at the annual general meeting that is held in February. Minutes can be requested from the secretary. The tennis club committee is as follows. Please feel free to contact any of the committee if you have any questions or comments:

President: Tasha Smith
Chairman: Colin Blatchford-Brown Vice Chairman: Matt Goatcher Treasurer: Matt Goatcher
Membership Secretary: Arabella Browne Secretary: Helen Thompson Social & Fundraising: Juliet Mathews
Ladies Captain: Corali Sacerdote Men’s Captain: Jake Ford Playing, League & Coaching: Marcus Fisher
Welfare Officer: Brendan Ring Sports Club Rep: Matt Goatcher Maintenance: Ian Baker 
General Committee: Marcus Fisher, JC Jimenez, Odette Donachie, Matt Briscoe