A Picture of a Tennis Junior playing in competitions
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A players view of competition

Last week one of Wells Juniors played in an LTA tournament and as well as playing was given a little project.  The idea which I hope will grow is for players who are relatively new to playing in events / tournaments / match plays to write about their thoughts, feelings and experiences.  This is not only an exercise for themselves to look back on and see how much they have come on in their game but also for new players to have an idea of what to expect.

Here are the thoughts and feelings from Leo after playing in a tournament at Sidcot. 

Before Match

I feel nervous but excited at the same time.  I have a determination that I’ll beat them which will make me do even better.

After Match

Now I’ve finished the match I feel relieved and happy that I have done it.  I’m glad that I didn’t come last especially because some of the players are really good!  I’ve learnt that not all competitions are really hard!


Wells Junior

When I met Leo for training I asked him a few more questions about how he played, his reply was that the shots he had been practicing had worked really well and he had a few things to work on.

As a coach this it’s fantastic to see that players are competing and improving from their hard work on court.  Well done Leo!


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