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Getting some extra practice in. The Wall Series

Here is a short post to get some extra practice in on the wall.  Practicing against the wall is a great way to improve many elements of your game without the need to have a partner and I would recommend giving yourself 15 minutes before you start your game to go through some of these drills.  There is 50 in total which I have broken down into sets of 10 with little challenges, I hope you enjoy them and with practice they will transform your game!  Kevin

Part 1/5 of a series of drills to practice against a hitting wall. Part one consists of a variation of topspin ground stroke combinations and is developed as a base level to build on.

Part 2 of the Wall series looks at the same drill combinations and challenges as Part 1 but using slice forehands and backhands.

Part 3 of the Wall series looks at changing grips and spins combining Topspin shots (T-spin) and Slice. If you are a newer player becoming comfortable with building consistency with Slice and Topspin on there own is advised (Parts 1 & 2).

Part 4 of the wall series moves away from ground stroke combinations to volley combinations. When practicing these it is advised to use and get comfortable with the chopper grip.

In part 5 of the wall drills we work on harder variations of part fours volley drills. Taking some drills from 31-40 we look at different heights and distances to develop better hands on the volley.

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