League players standing on a tennis court

Summer League Round Up – Winners!

The NSTL Summer League is finally over and what a season it’s been!
Men’s round up
Our top 2 teams gained promotion this year by fighting hard right up until the end. It took wins in the last matches of the season to claim success.  Our C and D teams have finally been separated after battling it out in the same division for a few years!  A big thankyou to all who played and made this year a great success for Men’s tennis at Wells.
Captain Dave Mills
Ladies round up
We have had a great summer tennis league season with our club members working hard to achieve a well deserved promotion for the As, Bs, and Cs in the league table. We thank all players for their continued energy , support and commitment to the tennis club and their game.  We had a great season. 
Captains Binkie Heather and Corali Sacerdote
Men’s Results Ladies Results
A – promoted to Div 1 – 10 matches 66pts A – promoted to Div 1 – 10 matches 61pts
B – promoted to Div 4 – 10 matches 61pts B – promoted to Div 3 – 10 matches 75pts
C – remained in Div 6 – 10 matches 44 pts C – promoted to Div 4 – 10 matches 85 pts
D – now in Div 7 – 10 matches 30 pts  


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