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How do I get into tennis competitions?

Firstly are you ready to go out and play in tennis competitions? This would be a good time to talk to a coach who has seen you play. They would be able to advise you on the tournament structure, and whether you are ready. If you are not able to speak to a coach, you can speak to someone at your local club who has the responsibility for running competitions.

I’ve been playing at my club a while and have been told I should play in tennis competitions.

Ok, first things first, do you have a rating? If not have a look at the membership and ratings section. A rating is something you must have to play in official competitions, although some clubs may run fun competitions you could try.

Yes I have a rating, I’m a 10.2 what should I do now?

Ok you have to find a competition. You can do this on the LTA website, ask at your club or speak to a coach. They may have entry forms you can download to fill in and send away but some events you can enter online. Once sent away the organisers will reply to let you know if you have been accepted into the event or on a waiting list.

Keep it local

To start with you should have a look at match plays in your area. As you become more confident you can start playing further afield.

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