Ladies A team with captain Julia

Wells ladies A take on Avenue ladies A

For the last match of the season Wells Ladies A played in Burnham-on-Sea against Avenue Ladies A. Both Wells pairs Erika Cotton + Julia Nest and Wendy Edwards + Caroline Moule lost against the Avenue first pair and won against the Avenue second pair. After long rallies and just before the lights went off the match was finished.

The sum of all scores revealed, that both teams had the same amount of games, sets and rubbers. Therefore the 2 extra points were split and the end result was a draw with 6:6 points.

Team captain Caroline Moule would like to thank all players who played and contributed to the final result, a well earned 3rd place in Division 2. Players were: Erika Cotton, Julia Nest, Wendy Edwards, Marie Bruckshaw, Binkie Heather, Linda Lester, Anne Fudge, Lorna Jenkins.

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